Hands on Spanish is a foreign language service that specializes in the instruction of the Spanish language. We have many different programs and services available to meet your group or individual needs. These varying needs are the reason that Hands on Spanish was formed.

Mission Statement

One goal of Hands on Spanish is to make learning Spanish practical for everyone. We believe in teaching the Spanish that is appropriate for each situation. We do this by creating exciting, customized educational programs which fit individual and group or company needs. We also strive to make learning Spanish useful for everyone which will encourage our participants to speak their new language sooner than they would in a traditional course. This is why we created the "Hands on" teaching method. It is very interactive and focuses on oral language skills and their immediate use. It is our belief that participants should take an active role in learning in a comfortable (non-evaluative) atmosphere. It is under these conditions that optimal conversational Spanish practice can be achieved. This will prepare learners to speak the language sooner and will foster a higher level of cross-cultural communication and understanding.